The Dillon Rule
Anyone not from Virginia seeking to understand the restrictive Dillon Rule, this is what we live under.

Home Schoolers
While the challenge at public schools is to enlist smart, well qualified teachers, Virginia is considering lowering standards for teachers of home schoolers, often, of course, a parent. The bill failed in committee but kept alive for a vote this week.

Where In the World Is Vince Callahan?
Fairfax Delegate Vince Callahan (R) is all over the map. At one time, he’ll lament the draconian cuts needed if taxes aren’t raised and then he say something like he did today in the Virginian-Pilot: that local governments are flush?! Virginians, especially those in the 34th House District, send the delegate a note at All we have are property taxes, Mr. Chaiman of the Appropriations Committee, and because of the Dillon Rule, that’s all we’re likely to have any time soon.

Whatever Happened to Gentleman Conservatives?
Va. Del. Jim Dillard has toiled for many years in the Virginia Assembly as a truly compassionate conservative. As he says in this AP profile Download file, “I don’t think it’s going to go back to the Republican party that I joined 35 years ago,” he said. “The Republican party that I joined was the party to make Virginia first again.”

Another moderate GOP in the making may be Del. Phil Hamilton, who works in the Newport News public schools. See this editorial, which states:

When a small group of Republican lawmakers gathered the weekend before the opening of the 2004 session, Hamilton recalls asking, “What’s our plan?” Even though House Speaker Bill Howell and others were firmly against tax increases, Hamilton doubted that the stance would carry them through the session.

“The bottom line was, we didn’t have one yet,” he says.

Usually the GOP has no plan except “no taxes.” Let’s hope the up and coming Hamilton and the veteran Dillard talk a lot.