No doubt they have. In fact, a Lexis-Nexis search shows that “Social Security” was in the headline of more than 200 stories over the last five years. Many them I’m sure touched on the problems and proposed solutions for funding it as baby-boomers retire.

But with Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan yesterday proposing cuts, now would be a good time for a series of crisp articles on the history and evolution of SS and a detailed analysis of ways to protect its solvency.

Post Executive Editor Len Downie was interviewed for the book “The 2% Solution.” While he thought that at least for political campaigns, he said his reporters should cover what the candidates are saying, rather than what they’re not saying. But both Sen. John Kerry and President Bush responded to Greenspan’s comments yesterday, giving The Post an opening to conduct a survey and focus groups to support a detailed investigation.

If you agree, you can email Downie.