The Senate Finance Committee has published a comparative analysis of the House and Senate budget bills. The two documents are Download file“>here and Download file“>here. No guarantees as to their accuracy. A Senate Finance staff member said a more detailed analysis should be available in a few days.

(If you prefer, you can get the documents on the Committee’s web site.)

The two documents don’t always seem to agree with one another. For example, the table suggests the House bill adds $72 million to K-12 education, whereas the bullet-pointed analysis suggests the House is actually cutting K-12 education by $1 million.

Call your legislators with questions, concerns and most of all, YOUR OPINIONS. Find your legislator here. Below are the budget conferees:

The Honorable John H. Chichester
(804) 698-7528

The Honorable William C. Wampler, Jr.
(804) 698-7540

The Honorable Charles J. Colgan
(804) 698-7529

The Honorable Walter A. Stosch
(804) 698-7512

The Honorable Vincent F. Callahan, Jr.
(804) 698-1034

The Honorable Lacey E. Putney
(804) 698-1019

The Honorable Phillip A. Hamilton, Chair
(804) 698-1093

The Honorable M. Kirkland Cox
(804) 698-1066

The Honorable Johnny S. Joannou
(804) 698-1079
no email

The Honorable William J. Howell
(804) 698-1028