Sorry for the late post of yesterday’s news, let alone today’s. My ‘net was down most of yesterday and today I traveled to Colorado. Pray for snow; the flowers are blooming

“I want new taxes. It’s not easy to say. It stinks. But I do,” said a voter at the Madison Heights meeting. Read about the meeting here and here.

The same might be said of Arlington residents.

The Club for Growth has picked up the lie that Jerry Kilgore started about the impact of the Senate’s plan on Virginia residents. The organization said it has talked to Del. Ben Cline (R-Amherst), the first termer about challenging Republican Sen. Emmett Hanger (Rockingham). But Cline, who has been rocked by the support for higher taxes he’s seen at town meetings in his area, said he’s not talked to the club. Let’s see, a falsehood about the Senate’s plan and then about who said what. I guess the Club for Growth learned how to lie from the Bush administration, and they are about as good at it as the Bushies are.

It appears Del. Tim Hugo (R-Fairfax) who likes to position himself as a moderate, is turning out to be another right-wing nut case. See today’s Washington Post story.

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch says Gov. Warner might be subject to lawsuits if there’s a budget shutdown. Jerry Kilgore is already preparing one.

The Washington Times surveys the impact of a budget impasse on Northern Virginia localities.

Norfolk State University is raising tuition 16 percent.

Some Hampton Roads lawmakers, instead of running for public office, are now running away from the public.

The Washington Post says the radical Republicans are shirking.

The Roanoke Times says the “radical Republicans” interim budget idea is “terrible.”

The Staunton News Leader calls them “ideologues” and says there’s “no nice way to put this.”

The Virginian Pilot takes on No Child Left Behind.

Get this: Two first-time supervisors in Frederick County voted against increasing property taxes. One said, “He still is learning the budget,” and the other said, “He had not analyzed the budget enough to find precise places to cut.” Blessed are the ignorant for they shall be elected.

Pete Angelos likes one Virginia city, but all I can say about this is, Fork No!