This morning’s Washington Post has an article by Mike Allen and David Broder who reflect upon Bush’s leadership style, described as “decisive or simplistic,” depending on your point of view (or grasp on reality). They demonstrate, however, that this dichotomy doesn’t always fit. In fact, he can be very indecisive.

In other cases, though, Bush has allowed crises to fester. Bush has never resolved deep disagreements within his war cabinet about how to deal with North Korea, with the result that the isolated nation, which had appeared close to a missile deal with the Clinton administration, has quadrupled its stockpile of nuclear weapons, from two to eight, during Bush’s tenure.

Seems like something John Kerry should harp on: Under Bush’s watch, North Korea has quadrupled its nuclear weapons.

In the same article,

Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans, Bush’s best friend, said the president forces people to boil things down “to discipline the system so that people don’t abuse the taxpayers’ time of the president.”

Yeah, if we abused his time as president, when would he vacation?