The Bushies continue to question Kerry’s patriotism in every way they can. The latest is the attack on Kerry for criticizing Ayad Allawi’s fantasy land assessment of the country he left 32 years ago only to return as the head of the puppet government of the United States.

Democrat John Kerry wrongly questioned the credibility of the interim Iraqi leader, and “you can’t lead this country” while undercutting an ally, President Bush said Friday.

Gee, wonder why he wasn’t as concerned about hurting the feelings of the French and the Germans 18 months ago.

“This brave man came to our country to talk about how he’s risking his life for a free Iraq, which helps America,” Bush said at a campaign event in battleground Wisconsin. “And Senator Kerry held a press conference and questioned Mr. Allawi’s credibility. You can’t lead this country if your ally in Iraq feels like you question his credibility.”

Allawi spent 32 years getting rich, and his credibility was sort of shot when he told the Bushies last year that Sadaam Hussein had WMD that could be “operational in 45 minutes.”

Of course, Herr Dick Cheney had to also throw one below the belt again.

“I must say I was appalled at the complete lack of respect Senator Kerry showed for this man of courage,” Cheney said at an event Friday morning in Lafayette, La. “Ayad Allawi is our ally. He stands beside us in the war against terror. John Kerry is trying to tear him down and to trash all the good that has been accomplished, and his words are destructive.”

I fell so bad that our political campaigns have descended to the point where we’ve hurt the feelings of a guy who was a Ba’athist, then a CIA spy and then an opportunist looking for the chance to replace Hussein. Can’t a guy get any repsect?