We’re liars, all. We may call it a white lie or one told to spare someone’s feelings, but we all lie. I’ve lied many time about small things – and some big ones. Sometimes, I’ll embellish a harmless story for comedic effect. But I usually feel so guilty about it, I’ll mention my exaggeration once I’ve gotten the laugh, just to keep the record straight.

But George Bush lies differently. He lies needlessly. When someone lies so thoughtlessly and so regularly and in print, you’ve got to wonder when he ever tells the truth.

When Mr. Bush pumped up the intelligence on Iraqi W.M.D., his exaggerations reflected the overriding truth as he saw it – that Saddam Hussein was a menace. I think Mr. Bush considered himself truthful, even when he wasn’t factual.

If Mr. Bush were a private citizen, I would admire his tenacity, just as I respect Barry Goldwater, Red Sox fans and Flat-Earthers. But for a president, I wish we had a clear-eyed thinker who understood the difference between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein