Former State Senator Waddell Introduces Candidate

Loudoun County, Va., Feb 28, 2005 – More than 200 people packed the Belmont Country Club Friday night for the kick-off of David Poisson’s campaign for the House of Delegates from the 32nd district in eastern Loudoun County. The event raised more than $16,000 for the campaign.

Former state senator Charlie Waddell, who represented Loudoun for nearly 30 years, introduced Poisson. “David is one of the most able and energetic candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates to come along in a very long time,” Waddell said.

“We need a Delegate in Richmond willing to fight for the things we care about most – someone who is pro-family, pro-business, and pro-Loudoun. We need someone like David.”

At the event, Poisson, who holds both a Ph.D. in higher education and a law degree, pledged to work for the issues that really concern voters: education, transportation and jobs.

“We want a promising future for our children and a plan to make eastern Loudoun County an even greater place to live,” Poisson said. “We can achieve those goals because I believe you share with me two core qualities: confidence in ourselves and the knowledge that nothing of value is achieved without hard work.”

Drawing a distinction between himself and incumbent Dick Black, Poisson said a Delegate should be working on the core needs of his constituents. “We don’t need a delegate lecturing us on the difference between right and wrong,” Poisson said. “We need a delegate who, when things in Loudoun are wrong, is busy in Richmond making them right.”

Poisson pledged “to focus on the real issues that are important to you – education, transportation and job creation. You deserve that – and you deserve results. I’ve spent more than 20 years working closely with business leaders from many different industries. I learned long ago that to be successful in business, you must be answerable to shareholders, to customers, to suppliers, and to employees.

“Why shouldn’t our representatives in Richmond be held just as accountable?”

The 32nd district encompasses northeastern Loudoun County. Poisson, a Democrat, has been one of the top fundraisers among challengers for seats in the General Assembly. He announced plans to knock on the doors of at least 20,000 homes in the district and to meet with at least 300 business owners in Loudoun County.

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Contact: Robert Griendling