Kilgore 46%
Kaine 36%
Potts 6%
UnD 12%

Poll out today may not be great news for Tim Kaine, but it’s too early to pay much attention to these polls. Virginia is a Republican state. So right now, all people are reacting to is the D or R next to the name. (Yes, you can argue that’s all most people care about in the voting booth, but we’re talking here about the few who can sway an election.)

I’ve already heard rumblings that business people in Loudoun who recently heard Kilgore speak, left the place shell-shocked. He doesn’t play well on the stump. TV coverage will hurt him.

And when you look at the numbers in this poll, there are some concerns for Kilgore. Potts has 6% after a week of unrelenting bashing from his party. Imagine the bounce he’ll get when the party runs out of expletives. Self-described moderates like Kaine 43-37% with 7% for Potts.

Bad news is self-described independents give Potts 15% but they favor Kilgore over Kaine 41-33% and those “not sure” of their party (with the option of saying independent, what does “Not sure” mean — they can’t remember?) like Kilgore 64-10%. Hispanics like Kilgore 52-18%. Maybe the Dems need to remind them that Kilgore liked the bill to ban illegal immigrants from admission to state colleges.