“[The tax fight] is behind us.”
Speaker of the House Bill Howell

Yes, I suppose Howell would like it to be “behind us.” A case might be made that the Dems shouldn’t let that happen. But clearly some GOPers are happy to keep mouthing the same mantra. Del. Dick Black (R-Sterling) [Disclosure] is already trying to pin his opponent, Dave Poisson, as a tax and spend liberal. At the same time, Black wants to take credit for new highway money coming Loudoun’s way. I’m sure he’ll try to take credit for new school money and anything else he doesn’t deserve. But the Dems should be countering with “without the tax increase and the car-tax cap, there would have been no money last year and less this year.” If the tax hikes were so unpopular, why is Warner so popular?

I’m willing to bet the anti-tax crusade, both nationally and in Virginia, is running out of gas. So maybe let’s not put it behind us just yet.