The action by Congressional Republicans is an outrage! As The Washington Post barely touched on, it is first and foremost hypocrisy. What happened about the concerns for state’s rights? Every time a Republican says judges should stay out of certain decisions, we should always bring up this and the 2000 election as evidence that the GOP loves activists judges when they can help them.

As Terri Schiavo’s husband and with full concurrence of her doctors, he should be allowed to make this decision. She has been brain dead for 15 years. It’s not as if she’s going to recover tomorrow, unless by some miracle. If that’s the case, we should leave dead bodies lying around in the hopes that a miracle will cause them to rise from the dead.

It is an abuse of Congressional power. I only hope the courts see it for what it is.

I am disappointed that no Democrat stepped in to stop this legislation.

I feel strongly about this, as my family faced a similar decision. I have an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today about it.

A hearing is set for 3:00 this afternoon.

Update: DC Inside Scoop has the memo purportedly from Sen. Rick Santorum’s office about the politics of this case.

Update 2: Kevin Drum has info on an ABC poll on this issue. Even evangelicals don’t agree with DeLay & Co and they know they’re being pandered to.