The New York Times has picked up with story about Tom Davis’s bullying. And he’s backing down.

Some Republicans went so far as to suggest that Major League Baseball, which owns the team, could lose its antitrust exemption if it permits Mr. Soros, who would be a part-owner with a group of investors headed by a local entrepreneur, to buy it – a threat that drew immediate ridicule in the sports pages and outrage from Democrats.

By Wednesday, one Republican, Representative Tom Davis of Virginia, backed away from that suggestion, saying he never intended any threat. But Mr. Davis and other Republicans did not back down from their criticism of Mr. Soros, who, they took pains to note, has been convicted of insider trading in France – a ruling he is appealing – and has supported ballot initiatives to legalize medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, the Times story doesn’t add much to what Sally Jenkins wrote yesterday in The Post. But one of her more salient points was picked up by the Times reporter.

“Marge Schott owned a team,” said Senator Herb Kohl, the Wisconsin Democrat, recalling the former Cincinnati Reds owner, who collected Nazi memorabilia and was ultimately suspended from baseball for making racial slurs.

Is that the kind of owner Tom Davis wants?