I linked to yesterday’s Washington Post editorial about the transportation programs of the three gubernatorial candidates. I mentioned in the post that The Post blasted Kaine and Kilgore while praising Potts. But there was an obvious error in the editorial where it criticized Kaine’s program with Kilgore’s details.

…in the strongest terms yet, Mr. Kaine pledged to veto any new tax or fee for transportation or any increase in existing levels during his four-year watch. His mushy, leave-it-to-the-locals proposal would give different regions the power to determine their own priorities (fair enough) and come up with their own solutions (do-it-yourself). They could issue their own bonds, enter into public-private partnerships and, if they wish, hold referendums to raise taxes.

Of course, that is Kilgore’s plan, not Kaine’s. When I called The Post’s editorial page yesterday, I got a snide remark from probably an intern on the editorial desk who said, “Well, maybe Kaine wants referendums, too,” or something to that effect. I was then transferred to the copy desk where I got a more cautious, “Ah, well, I don’t know. Let me check on it.” Today we got the answer on the editorial page.

Due to an editing error, a July 5 editorial on Virginia transportation proposals mistakenly attributed to Timothy M. Kaine, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, a policy stance of Jerry W. Kilgore, his Republican rival. It is Mr. Kilgore who advocates letting different regions issue their own bonds, enter into public- private partnerships and hold referendums to raise taxes.

“Due to an editing error…” The overall favorite of those who write corrections. Maybe so. Or just maybe The Post’s editorial staff is paying no more attention to the race than the public. I’ve heard from candidates who canvass and from party volunteers making i.d. calls that many people say they don’t know who they favor in the race because the both the Democratic and Republican candidates last names begins with a K.

Maybe at the polls, voters, frustrated at the confusion, will just pull the lever for the other guy. Potts might already have greater name recognition in that he’s the guy whose name doesn’t begin with a K.