As readers of this blog know, I have disclosed that I have been informally involved with the campaign of a friend, David Poisson, in the 32nd House of Delegates district in eastern Loudoun County. I was recently hired to formally join the campaign.

I am excited by this opportunity to help a guy whom I’ve respected and counted as a friend for nearly 15 years. He is smart and indefatigable. In this campaign he’s worked tirelessly on behalf of his vision for the people of the 32nd and Virginia. As some of you may know, he’s been a staffer on Capitol Hill, is a lawyer and consultant representing businesses and associations in state legislatures nationwide, and holds a doctorate in education that is reflected in his thoughtful education platform. So he has a unique and related background for the job. More important, he understands that each generation should be focused not solely on the present but committed to making life better for the next. It’s that overarching commitment that I think makes Dave the kind of legislator Virginia needs.

Due to my commitment to his campaign, posts on this blog will likely decline as they have over the past week. But when I can post, I will, and if it is about the race in the 32nd district, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll remind readers of my role in Dave’s campaign. His web site is