Two stories about the Pennsylvania elections Tuesday. One in The New York Times says the ouster of more than a dozen state lawmakers in the primaries was caused by the revolt of Club for Growth style conservatives. But The Washington Post story makes no mention of the right-wing group’s claims of victory. But both articles seem to agree it proves the vulnerability of incumbents in general and GOP incumbents in particular. Either way, it suggests the implosion of the GOP. Note in the Times story:

While conservatives were cheering, G. Terry Madonna, an election analyst at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., said the results could cheer Democrats, as well.

Dr. Madonna pointed to a special election in Chester County, outside Philadelphia, where a Democrat, Andrew Dinniman, won a Senate seat in a district dominated by Republicans. As the party moves right, Dr. Madonna said, “the moderate Republicans may vote for Democrats now.”

On blogs and talk radio shows, conservatives have been engaged in an intramural debate about whether to work hard in the November Congressional elections or sit them out to punish Republican Party leaders.

Chester County is nothing like Loudoun County. It’s established and it is growing slowly and older. But it’s another example where suburbanites might be turning blue.