I wonder how many people who think Ken Lay cheated us by dying are also death penalty proponents?

I’m one of those who feel cheated by his untimely demise. I’m also suspicious enough to wonder how they got the autopsy report so quickly. It’s as if they anticipated the furor. But it’s funny that often it seems to take weeks before we get autopsy reports. This time we got it within hours.

But the larger point is the death penalty. One reason I’m opposed to the death penalty is that if it were me, I’d much rather be killed than spend a lifetime in prison. So I think a life sentence, or one approximating it as Lay’s may have been, is the greater punishment. Maybe those of you who read more blogs than me can find the inconsistency of those who think Lay “got off easy” but support the death penalty.

In any case, The Post story this morning suggests that Lay’s heirs won’t pay a price, and that is a real travesty.