“Fraid I’ll have to miss this as vacation starts in the morning. I’ll be on the beach by the time it winds up.

A big protest is planned later today. I guess it’s in support of the Lebanese, or Arabs in general, or perhaps all Muslims, or, as I’m sure Dick Cheney would say, people who hate America. But Misha Galperin, executive vice president and chief executive of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, is not happy about its timing.

[His] group is not planning a counter-protest tomorrow, and Galperin said he believes the event was purposely scheduled on the Jewish Sabbath to thwart any response on its part.

Oh, I see. Were they supposed to hold it on Friday, so Muslims coulndn’t attend? Or perhaps on Sunday when Christians would be in church? Or maybe during the week, when no one could attend?

I swear, you couldn’t make thius stuff up.

On that note, I’m outta here.