I listened to Chris Matthews yell tonight (click on ‘Security Moms”) with three reporters – Jim VandeHei of The Post, The Hotline’s Chuck Todd and A.B. Stoddard from The Hill.

Todd makes the statement that half of Democrats are against the Iraq War and half are “anti-war,” as in “pacifists” who are “against any war.” Where does he get that statistic? Half of Democrats are against any war? He cites no proof for what he’s saying.

The host asks why can’t the Democrats come up with a counter to “cut and run”? Wait a minute. Most of the country is against this war and most want a timetable for getting out and a sizable minority is growing for getting out now. Seems like the Dems aren’t the ones needing a counter, as they’re winning the argument.

Stoddard says the Dems are having problems because a majority of Americans are not willing to get behind a timetable. Again, with a solid majority now thinking the war wasn’t worth it, it doesn’t appear the Dems are having that much of a problem getting their point across. Oh, and by the way, the last CNN poll (scroll down) found over 60% said bring home troops at least by the end of the year and 57% want a timetable.

And if you weren’t sure that it’s OK to think the war in Iraq was a dumb move, Todd says even George Will is against the war. I was waiting for the go sign from Georgie.

What do you think the odds are that the Dems sent Matthews an email within the hour rebutting these points? By this morning? Yeah, me neither.

And with it they should have named three people willing to appear on Matthews’ Sunday show to discuss the Dems’ point of view.

I’m going to bed and dream…