House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Congressman John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, said in a press conference at 2:00 that they were not aware of Congressman Foley’s explicit Instant Messages until this news report surfaced last week.

Except it wasn’t really a press conference because they took no questions. Didn’t look good.

There are still a lot of holes in this story. ABC News reported yesterday that “Foley’s obsession has been known to Republicans for 5 years” and quoted an ex-page who said that “warnings were issued…Pages were told to watch out for Foley.” By using the past passive tense, the reporter suggests he doesn’t know the full details. Who knew it for five years? Who issued the warnings?

Those were probably some of the questions reporters didn’t get to ask this afternoon as Hastert and Shimkus walked out on reporters.

Update: With Gonzales heading this investigation don’t expect anything before the elections. They’re already dragging their feet.

[Justice Dept. o]fficials were still trying to decide whether the Washington or Miami offices of the FBI would head the inquiry.

How lame an excuse is that?