Below is a copy of my email to Washington Post reporter Lori Montgomery and Ombudsman Andy Alexander:

“Senate Republicans and many Democrats adamantly oppose reconciliation…”

My reading, from reading Democratic blogs and judging from my emails from Democratic groups, is that many Democrats support reconciliation, which raises the question how many is many? Your including the word suggests that “close to most” (is that the definition?) Dems oppose reconciliation. What would have been wrong with using “some” instead of “many” — especially as Democratic leaders in Congress have made a point of not ruling out reconciliation for the budget?

UPDATE:  Here is the response from Post reporter Lori Montgomery:

Several probably would have been a better word. In the senate, the only place it matters, i think we’re up to 10.

I don’t always note who writes a story to be able to judge a reporter.  But after an earlier exchange with Ms. Montgomery, I note her byline. In addition to being responsive, I find her an objective, balanced and fair reporter.