You have to wonder who looks more foolish in this saga – Sen. Arlen “I Never Said I Was a Loyal Democrat” Specter or Sen. Harry “I Never Promised You Anything” Reid.

After the Democratic caucus rebelled, the Senate striped Specter of his seniority.  He’ll sit at the ends of committee daises.  Maybe there is a method in the madness that is Reid.  Maybe he planned it just this way.

In the end, aides, it was a no-brainer to strip Specter of his seniority: Specter is now a Democrat and has no choice but to try to ingratiate himself with the Democratic Caucus if he wants to retain his seniority after this Congress.

Nah.  I don’t think Reid has the capability to be that creative.  But as for Specter…

Specter tried to make some amends with members of his new party Tuesday. After word leaked out that he’d told The New York Times that the courts in Minnesota should “do justice” and name Republican Norm Coleman the winner over Democrat Al Franken, Specter backpedaled, telling CQ that he had “conclusively misspoke” in “the swirl of moving from one caucus to another.” (emphasis added)

What appears to be swirling in Specter’s head are misfiring synapses.  Did he forget to take his Cholinesterase or Memantine?  By the time the 2010 Democratic primary rolls around, he’s likely to forget to campaign – or even vote.