Jimmy Carter is 84-years-old and three decades removed from the White House, but he still has the power to make Democrats run.

Away from him, that is.

From the White House to Capitol Hill Wednesday, Democrats raced to distance themselves from the former president’s claim that racism was behind Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie” outburst and other attacks on President Barack Obama.

Politico leads with this in a story headlined The race from race: Dems Rebut Carter.  They have plenty of quotes, most of them justifying the headline.  All those quoted are current politicians.  Carter is not.  He’s not wrong; he’s unencumbered by politics, and a bit hyperbolic.  The pols aren’t wrong, either.  You obviously don’t want that fight. 

OK, can the press move on now?

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Last Modified: September 16, 2009