Seems things got testy at the Senate Finance Committee today.  Chairman Max Baucus was getting impatient with an amendment GOPer Jon Kyl of Arizona wanted considered.  Kyl didn’t like that.

Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona indignantly raised his voice after committee Chairman Max Baucus of Montana urged him to hurry up and finish a point. An outwardly irritated Kyl told Baucus he was not delaying, but was instead trying to make an extremely important point about flaws in the legislation. Baucus shot back that while Kyl’s point might be important, he also was holding up the panel’s work.

Kyl was speaking in favor of a GOP amendment that could have prevented the government from implementing the bill — even if it’s passed and signed into law.

Gee, Mr. Kyl, if you want to pass a law that the government can ignore, you need to run for the Senate in North Korea.