The NPR ombudsman has made it official:  the network is no longer to use the improper term “Democrat Party.”

What, you say, even its correspondents use the disparaging name Republicans use for their opponents?  Sadly, yes.

[Linda] WERTHEIMER: Now, he announced his decision just before the filing deadline for candidates to enter the race. So does he hurt the Democrat Party with this timing?

[Ken] RUDIN: Recyclable. I’m just – I just can’t get over what’s going on here. But anyway, Ritter was in trouble with his own party. Basically what happened, when Ken Salazar, the senator, resigned to become the Interior secretary, Ritter named somebody named Michael Bennett to the Senate seat held by Salazar, and half the Democratic Party was unhappy about that.

[Update:  I must have been bleary eyed as Rudin’s remarks do not use the term “Democrat party.”

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Last Modified: March 30, 2010