To boost tourism in their own countries, leaders across the world are adapting Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s tourism strategy

Angela Merkel declared April Holocaust Month and is encouraging tourists to stop by Dachau to learn about the courageous German guards. 

It’s also Turkey Month, Armenian Style.  You can tour across the old Ottoman Empire and see what Young Turks can do when they really put their minds to it.

And for you pot heads, visit the lush fields in Cambodia where it’s Pol Pot Month. 

As for McDonnell, who is sensitive to the furor over his designating April Confederacy Month in the Old Dominion, he wants to add a celebration of how far African-Americans have come since the Civil War.  So he’s planning to cap the month with a minstrel show—with all white performers in black face, of course.

UPDATE:  Peter Miller at The Huffington Post takes the Nazi analogy a bit further.