Virginia House and Senate Pass Their Budget Bills
Next week, they try to find common ground. Don’t hold your breath. Concerns are mounting that the differences are too great.
Click here to see how delegates voted on the House budget bill (HB30)
Click here to see how senators voted on the Senate bill (SB30)

Home Schooling Bill Passes
A senate committee voted 8-7 to pass a House bill 675 that allows home schooled children to be taught by someone with only a high school education. It already passed the House.

State education officials say the bill is uneccessary. They say parents with a high school diploma can already home-school if the local superintendent approves either a correspondence course for the child or the home-school curriculum.

Students Want Right to Vote…and Run
The ACLU has filed a federal lawsuit claiming its client, a College of William & Mary student, should have the right to register to vote in Williamsburg and then run for the city council. The city’s registrar has ruled that the student, who along with two others tried to file for the May 4 council elections, is not a city resident.

The students object to certain city ordinances, including one that limits to three the number of students who can rent a house together.