YEAS–Blevins, Chichester, Colgan, Deeds, Devolites, Edwards, Hanger, Hawkins, Houck, Howell, Lambert, Locke, Lucas, Marsh, Miller, Mims, Norment, Potts, Puckett, Puller, Quayle, Reynolds, Ruff, Saslaw, Stolle, Stosch, Ticer, Wampler, Watkins, Whipple, Williams–31.

NAYS–Bolling, Cuccinelli, Martin, Newman, Obenshain, O’Brien, Rerras, Wagner–8.

Note the difference in this vote and the one for SB 30, the original Senate budget with a $4 billion tax increase. Sen. Brandon Bell (R-Roanoke) voted against SB 30 but didn’t vote today. Missing in action? Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites voted against SB 30 but voted for this one. She’ll argue that this one doesn’t hurt her constituents as much, i.e., not much income tax reform. But Sen. Nick Rerras (R-Norfolk) voted for SB 30 but against this one. Go figure.