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Youth Vote

NBC says this year the youth vote went for Kerry. But there were no greater part of the electorate than in 2000: 17%.

Very disappointing.

Latest from Fairfax Co.

193 of 222 precincts in Farifax Co. counted
357,934 Ballots Cast:

John F. Kerry / John Edwards (D) 187,859
George W. Bush / Dick Cheney (R) 165,357

No. Va. Vote

With 144 of 225 precincts of Fairfax Co., Va. counted:

John F. Kerry / John Edwards (D) 139,445
George W. Bush / Dick Cheney (R) 119,354


NBC has just called it for Bush. Well, my precinct did its part; too bad the rest of the state didn’t follow suit.

My Precinct

As mentioned earlier, my precinct went to Bush in 2000 by a 53-43% margin. Today, my precinct went to Kerry by 6 — votes! That doesn’t include the 240 absentee ballots.

Maybe that’s why they haven’t called Virginia yet, though NBC just called NC for Bush.

Turnout at the precinct was at least 83%, up 7% from 2000, with a stable voter registration, as it’s an older area with few new homes.


NBC4, the local Washington affiliate, says Va. is too close to call!


John Zogby predicted a couple of days ago a Kerry victory. As of 5:00 today he put some numbers to it.

Sadly, though no surprise, he’s calling the Old Dominion for Bush. But keep watching the numbers. It won’t be 7%.

More exit polls…

…courtesy of, as of 4:00 pm

Kerry 48 46 49 54 50 50 51 50 51
Bush 50 53 51 45 49 49 47 48 46

Exit Polls

Both Drudge and MyDD have good news re exit polling. Kerry has a lead in many of the swing states. As Kos cautions, however, the exit polls were off in 2002, and Drudge says early voters skew feminine, a stronger gender than those knee-jerk he-men.

I’m having formatting problems. But click hear to see chart

But look at Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Cross your fingers. Hold your breath. Make a sacrifice to the gods. But hold on, he’s comin’!


Larry Sabato has “medium” confidence that Bush will carry the Commonwealth. But my precinct was swamped. Best turnout I’ve seen in 15 years that I’ve lived there. About a 25 minute wait.

Last election it went for Bush 53-43-3% with 76% turnout. Veteran Democratic poll watcher says this year the turnout is huge. I work the polls this afternoon and hope to have a read on how this precinct goes. It’s been moving Democratic in some local races.