Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Jeff Shapiro has a piece today on the video Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine has produced.

Opening with an announcer intoning, “Jerry Kilgore is afraid of Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine – and with good reason,” the video cites media accounts critical of the Republican’s performance against Kaine.

At one point, Kilgore is seen rolling his eyes while Kaine, who had accused him of mishandling the GOP eavesdropping scandal, is heard saying, “We’ve got a leadership problem, folks.”

Carrie Cantrell, Kilgore policy director, said, “Generally you try to motivate people on issues and ideas, not negative attacks on those outside your party or inside your party.”

I’ve got to chuckle anytime I hear a Republican decry negative attack ads. If they’re good enough for our president, why aren’t they appropriate for our next governor? And that’s assuming that you think saying “We’ve got a leadership problem” is a negative attack.