The Senate failed to pass a bill that would have required private parties selling guns at shows to require the same background check that licensed dealers perform.

Here’s the vote on SB 807:

Barely reported out of committee:

YEAS–Saslaw, Marsh, Quayle, Norment, Howell, Lucas, Mims, Puller–8.

NAYS–Stolle, Edwards, Reynolds, Rerras, Blevins, Cuccinelli, Obenshain–7.

Narrowly failed on the Senate floor.

UPDATE: Va. Progressive has info. on why Saslaw didn’t vote for the bill on the floor: He was sick.

YEAS–Chichester, Colgan, Devolites Davis, Howell, Lambert, Locke, Lucas, Marsh, Miller, Mims, Norment, Puller, Quayle, Stosch, Ticer, Watkins, Whipple–17.

NAYS–Bell, Blevins, Bolling, Cuccinelli, Deeds, Edwards, Hanger, Hawkins, Houck, Martin, Obenshain, O’Brien, Puckett, Rerras, Reynolds, Ruff, Stolle, Wagner, Wampler, Williams–20.
NOT VOTING–Newman, Potts, Saslaw–3.