I know those in the radical right are baffled by this, but to me, a campaign based on how much you like the death penalty is morbid and morally bankrupt. And note, too, that the right thinks we disrespect the evangelical’s religious fervor, yet they have no problem campaigning against the Catholic faith when it suits their purpose.

Democratic candidate Tim Kaine says he is personally against the death penalty because of his Roman Catholic faith, but that if elected he would support the laws of the commonwealth.

That’s nuanced enough to give Kilgore an opening, and he’s been taking it–Kilgore has criticized Kaine’s position several times in recent weeks, in a joint appearance before reporters in December and in press releases.

A Kilgore campaign release two weeks ago called Kaine’s position “deliberately deceptive and a transparent attempt to hide his record.” It went on to list quotes from Kaine, going back more than 15 years, about his distaste for capital punishment.