Lowell at Raising Kaine is doing so, but with his candidate, amid growing impatience with his campaign.

…it is the middle of summer now and time to end the “cone of silence” around this issue. What we Virginians need is Tim Kaine as our next governor. What we do NOT need are the “monkeys” who have latched onto his campaign. And neither does Tim Kaine.

A commentator says the problem is not only the organization.

…[Kaine’s transportation plan is] frankly nothing to write home about. Even the Washington Post has noticed, and I can tell you most Northern Virginians I’ve talked with, who have bothered to check out the Transportation proposals of the candidates for Governor are also not impressed, and are concentrating more on Transportation than on the real estate taxes on their properties, contrary to what was expected. To the uneducated eye Kaine’s ideas look anemic beside Kilgore’s, despite the fact we know Kilgore’s ideas are a cop out and, again, Government by Devolution.