Wonder why people can’t seem to get a hold on what Tim Kaine stands for?

Though rejecting adoption by same-sex couples, Kaine told the AP that a legislative attempt to strip gay singles of the right to adopt was “mean-spirited.”

Adoption by gay couple is “mean spirited” but he “rejects” such adoptions because, he says, couples must be married to adopt under Virginia law.

“I very much believe that the law in Virginia right now is the right law,” Kaine said. “An unmarried straight couple can’t adopt, a gay couple can’t adopt, two sisters can’t adopt, a mother and a daughter can’t adopt a younger child. The only couple that can adopt is a married couple.”

Under Virginia law, one gay person, if they show themselves to be “fit parents and if the adoption is in the child’s best interest,” can adopt, but two can’t.

So is Tim Kaine’s position again one of “it’s the law and I will enforce it,” even if the law is patently absurd on its face? Regressive often seem to say that families headed by couples are better than single parents, especially because a tough father figure is required. Yet, the law says one gay is OK, two isn’t.

At least Jerry Kilgore is unalloyed in his bigotry.

The Republican nominee, Jerry W. Kilgore, flatly opposes any adoptions by gays, whether they are living together or non-practicing gays living alone.

“I’ve said that I don’t support same-sex adoption or same-sex couple adoption and I don’t favor gay adoption.”