The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce has tried to hide behind its “tradition” of only inviting the major party candidates to its quadrennial gubernatorial debate. But according to Russ Potts, that’s a ruse.

“I thought it was a cowardly approach that the bar association took,” said Potts, who used similar language to refer to the stance taken by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce regarding its decision to limit its debate to Kaine and Kilgore.

Potts said he was told by a chamber official that the organization had indicated to the Kilgore campaign that it did not have any objection to Potts taking part in its Sept. 13 debate – but was told by the Kilgore camp that the former attorney general would not participate if Potts was invited.

A chamber of commerce spokesman told the AFP last week that the decision as to who to invite was made in accord with the past practice of including major-party candidates only.