Not if you’re Dick Black. The man is still outraged by a play written by a Stonebridge High School student and performed earlier this year. The play about a high school athlete coming to grips with his homosexuality has a scene where two boys move toward a kiss before a black out.

I don’t have an online link to the Leesburg Today story but I was sent the relevant portions of it.

“[Black’s opponent] David Poisson thinks that it is proper to have boys kissing boys on stage in our public high schools,” Black said. “I do not and that is a fundamental difference. I think his argument that there are lots of Republicans who favor boys kissing boys in our public schools is a con job. I am opposed to the introduction of vice and corruption in our community and I am going to oppose it.”

But boys didn’t kiss boys, though that they were about to was apparently the impression that was left.

Other parts of the article illustrate that when it comes to the courage of his convictions, well, he’s a coward.

One message Poisson said he is hearing from voters is the debacle over a controversial student play at Stone Bridge High School which Black strongly opposed because two male students portrayed a kiss.

“People now say ‘I was a Republican but not that kind of Republican,’” said Poisson. Poisson sharply criticized Black for generating public alarm of the student play and then not attending one of the public meetings the school system held to discuss controversial revisions to policies that will govern the content of future productions. He said the school administration told him they spent 2,000 man-hours discussing the issue and crafting policy, at the same time they were preparing for graduations and SOL tests.

“Dick Black likes to throw a stone in the window and run in the other direction as fast as he can,” Poisson said. “He’s had seven years and he’s produced nothing. He’s introduced no major bill on education, transportation or health care and he hasn’t helped seniors.”

When asked Tuesday why he didn’t attend any of the public meetings with the school board when it crafted the play policy, Black said the voters of his district know where he stands.

Yes, we know where he stands but he won’t do it in public.

As an ex-Marine, Black should know that this is called having no guts.