That paragon of Christian hypocrisy, Pat Robertson, said Monday that the U.S. should kill Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. I guess that’s what Christ would have done, don’t you think?

I’ve been criticized before about my lack of patience with the American Taliban. Folks say I’m anti-Christian. But when such a supposedly mainstream, highly respected leader of Christianity like Robertson says things like this, what am I to believe? Christianity has been hijacked by the right-wing nuts.

Chavez has responded by saying such remarks will test Bush’s anti-terrorism policy.

Or does it just apply to Muslims?

The stupidity of Robertson’s remarks is evidenced by the opinion that he just played into Chavez’s hand. Certainly, his reputation will improve in Latin America if people believe the U.S. wants to assassinate him.

[L]eftism is on the rise again in Latin America for a reason, namely the burgeoning feeling around the region that a decade of U.S.-backed capitalist reforms has simply widened an already epic gap between rich and poor—and that the Bush Administration is indifferent to it.

I guess the South Americans are a little smarter than U.S. voters. They know where their economic interests lie, and they’re not going to back the very people who are oppressing them.