Baseball’s reputation took a big hit last night,  It was brought on by the very people who are charged with preserving the game’s reputation.

With the Phillies leading 2-1 in the fifth game of the World Series, it started to rain heavily in the top of the fifth inning.  Conditions were so bad that MVP shortstop Jimmy Rollins couldn’t catch a pop up looking into the rain.  But Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels got out of the inning.  At that point, had they called the game, the Phillies would have won the game and the World Series.  That’s no way to determine a national champion, but the problem is the usual rules regarding rainouts should have been suspended for the World Series.  Baseball’s leaders are responsible for that, too.

Instead, Commissioner Bud Selig allowed the game to continue.  In the top of the sixth, the Rays scored a run in sloppy conditions under which I have in 50 years never seen a game played. 

Then Selig called the game.  With the score tied, the game was suspended to be completed another day.  The decision let baseball executives off the hook.  But nobody is buying it.  They were responsible and derelict.

Shameful, indeed.