We’ve seen some things in this election cycle that we haven’t too often before:  the candidate, by him or herself, talking directly to the camera.  Obama has done it; I don’t remember McCain doing it. The most recent effective use of this technique is Sen. Kay Hagan’s response to one of the most despicable ads in recent memory, going back to some ads by Jesse Helms, as a matter of fact.

The Dole ad accuses Hagan of being “godless” and imitates her voice.

In response, Hagan speaks directly to the camera.

You don’t have to be a polished speaker to make this tactic work.  You must be honest, however.  Maybe too many politicians fear they can’t fake honestly.  Or maybe they are told by their consultants that they need to leave the ads to the professional. 

The same mind set infuses the overdone mailers.  Why candidates rely so heavily on the mail houses to write these things is beyond me.  If you can’t write, fine.  But if you can speak from the heart and put your words on paper, then all the mail house needs to do is shorten it and clean up the bad grammar.  If you’re going to tell us you can lead, you should be able to tell us yourself.

Speak directly to us.

And to boot, Hagan has filed suit.  Another nice touch.