Feeling a little disrespected, progressives, after President Obama yesterday told you to mind your manners?

"We shouldn’t be focusing resources on each other," Obama opined in the call, according to three sources who participated in or listened to the conversation. "We ought to be focused on winning this debate."

Specifically, Obama said he is hoping left-leaning organizations that worked on his behalf in the presidential campaign will now rally support for "advancing legislation" that fulfills his goal of expanding coverage, controlling rising costs and modernizing the health system.

And if you don’t…

Obama also hinted that efforts are under way to discourage allies from future attacks on Democrats, according to the source, who did not have permission to speak on the record about the discussion.

So an anonymous source delivers his threat.  Obama’s reputation as a wuss is bolstered. Progressives, perhaps it will be an anonymous source who’ll put you in the time-out corner.

And helping the president in his effort to exert discipline on those who worked for change and are increasingly disappointed is the “reporter” of the article.

See, she’s not a real reporter.  She’s not the kind of reporter who delivers the facts and context dispassionately.  She’s the kind of “reporter” who finds ways of denigrating those she doesn’t respect.  Isn’t that what we do when we describe someone in quotes? 

MoveOn, a Web-based political action committee that works to elect "progressive" leaders, intended to run commercials….

Can you imagine her writing that Focus on the Family works on behalf of electing “conservative” leaders?  You might think that she thinks they’re not really conservative at all, but wannabes.  Or worse, some fringe group.

This is the same “reporter” who drew a strong reaction form someone she misquoted, after accusing him of being unable to “to articulate a substantive argument for the public plan,” when the “reporter” hadn’t asked him to do so.

Ceci Connolly clearly has a chip on her shoulder. Or maybe she’s miffed that her employer didn’t invite her to a salon (use the French pronunciation, sa-lawhn, s’il vous plait) where she would get to mingle with health care executives in hopes of finding a cushy “PR” job, when her “reporter” days are over.

Let’s wish her luck in her job hunting.