For more than a month, I have been calling my congressman, Gerry Connolly, to ask when he was planning a town hall meeting.  Whether his Fairfax district office or his Capitol Hill office, I was always given the same answer:  He hasn’t planned any, or he hasn’t “finalized his schedule.”  Then I read this:

Still, [Connolly]  sought to put the best face on his own largely civil town hall, the third he’s held during the month among seniors, noting that he had conducted “a pretty meaty discussion.”

While they were described as meetings “among seniors,”  I have no doubt the meetings were open to the public.  Yet, his staff lied to me.  When I called his office this morning for an explanation, I was told that the meeting “was at the request of the Greenville community residents.”  Did that mean it was not open to the public? I asked.  The staffer repeated the previous answer.

I don’t know about some Virginia Democrats.  Sen. Warner and Connolly seemed to have lost any backbone they once had.  Here I am trying to counter the lying SOBs on the other side, and he won’t be honest with me about his meetings.