It’s been quiet here for a few weeks.  So what else is new?  I’ve been travelling as well as injuring myself.  Got a painful back problem.  So there, I told the truth and made it sound as if that’s a rational reason for not writing. 

Also, I’ve decided to write about journalism issues on a new site, News Commonsense.  Lately (or at least before three weeks ago when this site went silent), many of my posts have been about news coverage.  So I thought I might segregate them in a blog just about the fourth estate.  So now I have two blogs I won’t be able to keep up with. 

I invite you to join me there, while I keep this blog about politics, maybe even about Virginia politics, which is what I set up this site for five and half years ago.  Times flies when you’re lackadaisical.

Meanwhile, did you hear the one about the gubernatorial candidate running in 2009 who thinks women ought to barefoot and pregnant?  Nah, jokes need to have an element of truth in them to be funny.  And who would believe that in this day and age?