It wasn’t quite like watching grass grow, but it certainly wasn’t mud wrestling event. As my wife and I walked the dogs at night yesterday, we came upon a group of neighbors sitting in their driveway gathered around a tree. What they were admiring wasn’t the tree but the vine wrapped around it. It is the night blooming cereus. You can see for yourself what it looks like. night blooming sereus-tight night blooming sereus-med Its story is unclear. The neighbor who owned the tree and the vine (if anyone ever owns nature) claimed that it only blooms once a year. Maybe I misunderstood him. This source claims that it blooms at two week intervals from mid-summer to autumn in frost-free areas, but this one says one night a year and it’s done. I should have first-hand knowledge later this summer. One source says it has a powerful fragrance, but that wasn’t obvious last night. Enjoy.night blooming sereus-wide

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Last Modified: June 5, 2013