Congrats to my Nats on winning the NL East. I may now be a Floridian, and I will root for the Rays, but after 30 years in the DC area, much of time with no baseball team to root for, I am a Nats fan, yes, with “Natitude.”

It took me a long time to transition from being a Phillies fan, they being of my hometown, to let them go and root for the Nats against them. And it may take a long time for me to root for the Rays against the Nats, though they will play each other infrequently. But you gotta love this team.

Congrats to them all, especially the rotation of (l-r) Stephen Strasburg, Tanner Roark, Doug Fister, Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmermann. When any one of them pitches, you feel the Nats only need a couple of runs to win.

nats rotation

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Last Modified: September 18, 2014