Racial discrimination

Muslim Student Union & Tea Partiers

So the University of California Irvine has suspended the Muslim Student Union over its protest against the Israeli ambassador to the United States. The students tried to shout down the ambassador as he was giving a speech. There was no violence and according to a Washington Post editorial today, they all left the lecture hall peacefully.

The Post thinks their actions were “obnoxious” and “infuriating.”

And now the local D.A. wants to charge the students with “disturbing a public meeting and engaging in a conspiracy to do so.”

Imagine for a moment, what we would have heard from the right if congressmen in the summer of 2009 had asked that Tea Partiers be arrested for “disturbing a public meeting.”

Rand Paul Would Allow Private Businesses to Discriminate Based on Race

He supports the idea of allowing private businesses to discriminate.  He says he doesn’t support discrimination, but he believes that if Woolworth’s doesn’t want to serve black folks at the lunch counter, it should have that right to discriminate.

The damning conversation begins toward the end of the interview at exactly one hour into the interview with the editorial board of the Louisville Courier-Journal.